TREASON!! A Nation betrayed!

10888395_778439268876998_5641182517068521498_n   White America in truth is America, our culture and beliefs are not only the building blocks but are all that sustains us  and all that can save us from total annihilation.

The ideas of this great Nation have been lost, in their place a distorted and degenerative logic. The people of this nation have been betrayed and the foundation of this Nation has been damaged at its very core! Our boarders are overrun and our government reaction is that of  appeasements instead of defense. Our Nations true citizens seem unimportant to the modern agenda an thus issues that effect our people are overlooked if not blatantly disregarded. Corporations and banks back politicians who serve their interests, and in these actions passing laws and setting precedents  that leave the average White American with out a leg to stand on. We are told that it is in our interests as they force upon us countless lies, and without realizing it our very way of life has become very close to being in the realm of past tense. All this and not even a creatable ounce of resistance from our masses!

That is until now! all across the globe European peoples have began to awaken to the destruction that has become our homelands. And yes even here in America The flame has once again taken hold! The Flame of resistance is spreading and the spirit of our people has started to unite. As individuals we must support our nations freedom, and it is self sacrifice that is the duty of every single white person today! Although the sacrifices  individuals  make may very, whether it be ones time , ones heart or ones very life the fact remains the individual must give of themselves and can not any longer wait for someone else to do for our people what we can do ourselves!

Victory’s will come if we focus a united effort toward the political, and achieving office! Although it is the path of most resistance I believe it to be the only way for lasting change. United we must shake free of these corporate shackles and together break these chains of Zionism!  Rise up kinsmen and we shall never fail!  Rise up kinsmen and retake our homeland!



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