zzzunplug     The upcoming rally this weekend on the 26th promises to be one to remember, due to the fact many stand to stop us yet we refuse to yield!  Under the Traditional Workers Party banner many Nationalists will unite and take a stand; never will we give away our right to speak and think freely. Although, our enemies have already openly planned to gather and use violence against us, as always we will stand our ground if forced to that point. The truth is that we whites have every right to exist and to do so as white people. Not only do we refuse to give away our culture and morals, but we will stand in defense to protect our peoples identity. Often the opposition is caught as they attack the weaker of our folk by attacking white women and elderly white men with cowardly packs all the while cheering and yelling racial slurs toward their victims – who are our people. Its on every news channel and in every city yet the media down plays it and the majority turn a blind eye. If one truly wishes for equality they will not get it by oppressing my people, we owe you nothing and will defend ourselves viciously if we are attacked.


The purpose of Sundays rally is simple: A peaceful demonstration based on the principle that we, like everyone else has a right to stand and have our voices be heard. The countless threats of violence and attacks on our very lives will not deter us from attempting to achieve our initial goals. We aim to achieve them through legal and political aspirations yet we will not bend if violence is brought upon us. We intend to stand up and stand strong against the relentless waves of injustice. If we must fight we will do so with honor in the hopes that our children will not have to bare the same burdens as us.

Heil GSS and Heil the TWP and Heil to the Gods of our Folk




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