The June 26th United Stand for Freedom

13045687_1591564247822226_543816632_n    Attention Patriots!! This upcoming June on Sunday the 26th in Sacramento, CA a gathering of Nationalists will merge and stand united under a single banner and for a single purpose! The Traditional Workers Party has become the voice of our people. No other political party holds the views or interests of the Traditional European-American Family in the forefront of their agenda; in this the Traditional Workers Party stands apart. As Euro-Americans our voice has been all but silenced. Our cultures and traditions have been blatantly attacked and degenerated for countless generations at this point. Our borders here in America and all over Europe are constantly under-siege. The global elite have seemingly waged a war upon our people, without allowing us to fight back. The time for resistance is NOW! White people exist! We have the right to exist!! And we have the right to exist as White people!!! No longer will we sit aside and let alien cultures dictate our decline. We stand firm in our values and we do so united. So join us in Sacramento, CA.

On behalf of all GSS, we hope to see everyone there.



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  • Ross Bruce says:

    A comrade from San Diego and I are planning to attend. Please contact us. If you need my physical address, just shoot me an email.Thank you!
    -Ross Bruce

  • Jonathan/ sweden says:

    Just showing my support / sweden!

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