11742978_597438283732184_5498698939976519721_n     “The reality of a peoples existence is made up by the individuals that make up that groups population and their individual choices!”     ( Myers)

Today within our peoples spectrum of choices, never before has the separation between simple right and wrong been so vastly filled will a multitude of inconsistency’s.  The amount of knowledge we as a people are capable of obtaining is greater then at any other point in history yet the amount of knowledge obtained is  nil to none when concerning our  masses. Thus the left fills this void with their propaganda and media lies and in effect blind folds the people as a whole to the truth. Without the truth and without a clear choice our people have become not unlike cattle, the masses led to their own slaughter with no hope of a resistance because they haven’t yet achieved the  knowledge necessary  in order make the choice to resist. As individuals we are  more capable to make change and resist an injustice far faster then that of our greater population but without the momentum and stability of ones own  people ( i.e masses) at their back any action to early by single individuals is not only futile in a revolution scenario but in fact causes far more damage then good and can set a resistance back a great deal of time, possibly years if not decades. Seeing as doing nothing is never an option the question is upon us as a people and as individuals, what do we do!? What “choice” dose one make!? I believe this answer to be  not quite clear, I believe the path to total victory to have  a few possible choices. Three of the most common and logical approaches seem to be, 1….  In the face of global genocide of a people that people must secure an area of its own and defend it and its people, Thus the idea we often hear when people discuss a (white home land). This could include either the pioneer little Europe approach or a secessionist’s  one the goal is the same. 2…. As more and more the Nation we have created turns on its own people we could use political gain to retake our nation and save it from its current path of destruction and bring it back to its once held glory. 3……prepare, unite and wait for the collapse. As any nation that fails to maintain its founding principals is destine to fall. But regardless on the decision   made,  first we must get our people to make the choice to begin with, I truly believe that once white people have made the “choice” to rise up and resist their persecutors at that point we’ve already won and the actual victory is just a matter of time at that point.

As a individual how dose one awaken a people? I believe Truth to be the ultimate weapon in this fight, something so very simple yet something our enemies do not have. The key is getting this truth heard over the media and current world agenda. Also getting our people to look inward at theirwpww

own family’s and to internalize on a personal level that the future of their children and countless generations to come can be directly effected by current events and modern national policy’s. Even for those of us already awakened the time has never been more perfect to look inward and see our own flaws and develop new strengths, make new lasting alliances and ultimately greater strides forward then we have in countless years. I always hear or read that this person or that person (or group of people) are to blame for our peoples current plight, I reject this idea! We are the masters of our own fate! Alien ideas and influence only stop us if we allow it to do so! Its long past time that everyone stops looking around for something to change and change it ourselves!







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