Sacramento Spartans

13508983_572717866244242_7222946933730094955_nThe media has dubbed the June 26th rally as: “The Battle of Sacramento” and has labeled us as the “Sacramento Spartans”. When the few choose to stand and fight against the many, it will always strike a cord amongst the masses. I suppose the violent group of counter protesters didn’t take this into consideration before the event last Sunday. By attacking they allowed us more glory then could have ever been won by a simple protest. And best of all they have shown themselves for what they’ve always been – cowards!

We stood against the hordes of violent and confused anti-white masses who numbered 300-400, meanwhile we were little more than 20. The commie scum brought and used weapons yet they were the ones who were taken down. It quickly became obvious that morning that their only intent was to kill us there on the capitol grounds. On instinct, we banded together and defended ourselves and each other. And even though our numbers were small, our impact was massive. The aftermath had them immediately crying the victim and pointing the blame, yet we individually and as a whole flat out refused to press charges and simply walked away with honor – unlike the enemies hordes who have none!

As future events and rallies fall into place, we will maintain our obligation of peaceful, productive and legal political action. As the Antis threats of violence and death towards us seems to only have increased since last Sundays rally, we would like to assure the masses that we are not influenced by threats. And we will never back down. We will have many rallies to come, more often than ever, and always defend ourselves.

Heil GSS, Heil all the Comrades who stand beside us, and Heil the TWP




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  • Matthew Vail says:

    Stay strong… support from Omaha NE. Originally from Oxnard…keep up the fight…

  • Fitzpatrick says:

    Been in jail missed all the info please keep me posted on upcoming events. I live in Phoenix az let me know how I can be of More assistance. Thank you.

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