11134401_1427488544229798_1794497935_n “The White Nationalist Movement” Simply put… White people exist, White people have the right to exist and white people have the right to exist as white people!

This statement seems to be one that would be self evident yet so many fail to grasp the logic. As for our enemies? I care not, and I will not waste my time trying to get them to understand basic truths. The reality is that our enemies are only a threat for as long as we allow them to be so. The only hurdle our people truly face is waking up our masses to the call of self preservation in the face of a society growing more and more sick with each passing day. Every tool needed has been provided within the framework of this Nation. The worst thing that an awake individual can do is buy into the lie that they are helpless to make a difference . We must only learn to weald the weapons being used against us in order to turn the tides.

Amongst the propaganda  all we are allowed  to see is seemingly overwhelming support for our oppositions agenda, but the truth is far  different, not only are our people waking up but  they are becoming more and more aware of the lies being spoon fed to them. In our struggle we have a few advantages, Truth being one  of them! As whites are aloud to be victimized by this modern society our people take notice, and as whites who fight back are persecuted and vilified our people take notice, even still as white culture and values are systematically targeted and erased our people take notice! It is upon us to show them that they have a voice and if we are courageous and if we are successful in our ventures not only will our people take notice but they will take a stand and they will fight!

A defeatist mentality  has no place amongst our ranks! Any individual who identifies as part of this struggle has a duty to ones self and to their people that requires of them full and total commitment toward victory. I realize the burden is great and thus so must the men and women be who take up such a cause, the very future of your grandchildren depend on you and individual’s just like you to never falter and never slacken in your duty’s! Dedication is worth more then numbers! Studies have shown that population trends are dictated by no more then 10 percent of the population, “ONLY 10 PERCENT!!” Such numbers are not only possible to reach and effect, they are in fact a goal that is in all reality practical and thus achievable!

As everyone waits for change we must keep in mind that it is the  individual who enacts change and the individual  whose personal passion for their belief’s sparks a fire within the hearts of the masses! Each of us and all of us carry the weight of what will be on our shoulders, It is the duties of each of us to strive harder and sacrifice more of ourselves, no matter what anyone else is doing we must each personaly take on this struggle as if it is ours and ours  alone and only then when enough of us do this will our united efforts become a actual (movement)

“These are my personal views, this struggle is something myself and many hold dear, yet it seems to me at least few understand the scope of what is at stake, I simply ask you the reader to ponder what is victory worth when its our children’s future that hangs in the balance and what are you doing to assure we win?”  written by;  Loyal servant to our folk  MYERS    GSS



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