GSS Social

11059452_540115379464475_1215510235407467103_n   March 7th GSS social was a successful and productive event!

GSS would like to thank guest speaker chairman Bill Johnson of The American Freedom Party, as well as  the other speaker whom we will not name due to his political aspirations. But most of all GSS would like to thank each and every individual that came out and showed their support, only with unity can we ever hope to achieve our goals!

As our nation continues to spiral into disaster it is our duty to try and stand up and defend our nation. Many individuals have opinions on the best way to do this but few do anything at all…… My hope is that with political gain and real world victory’s  our people can truly understand that victory is not only possible but is most definitely attainable if we only put in the effort. Make no mistake about it kinsmen nothing is going to be handed to us, our enemies  are doing all in their power to destroy all that we hold dear, The burden is upon our shoulders and our shoulders alone if we do nothing all is lost…. Fight back , get politically active and join the resistance !

.                                                                                   HAIL GSS




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  • trevor johnsen says:

    As a member of Aryan Nations i want to say it was an honor meeting all of you thank you for setting up the event it was awesome….14/88

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