GSS would like to personally thank all of those who attended our 2016 social. This years event unveiled many new ideas, organizations and an overall positive and increasingly unified movement. During the speeches it was announced that GSS will indeed have another patriotic rally in 2017. In the first part of the year our crew will present – to the movement in California – a single non-organizational based banner. A simple flag and slogan that is strictly patriotic in origin in hopes of uniting the different factions within our state to take legal action and march through the streets together as one. In the words of RJM “10,000 hearts, one beat”.

For the women in our struggle, it was announced that there is a new organization on the rise.  Promises to be a place for Nationalist Women to develop their full potential and help in our shared struggle. For any questions or more information please click on the link.

As our family grows, GSS pledges to never surrender and to forever stand in front. We will lead rallies, break through barriers, and unite out folk. We fight for each and every one of you who stem from the European bloodline. It is our sole purpose to secure the ongoing existence of our people and a future where we not only exist, but thrive. So join us – don’t wait until your lack of action has forced our struggle upon your own children. Stand up, stay legal and get involved. Hope to see everyone during our 2017 rally.



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