16865151_863129717163038_8214551897289177956_n           This past years issues regarding race have been thrusted into the fore front of our societies focus in such a way that hasn’t been seen for generations. Always present yet always ignored by main stream America, the racial issues within our borders seem to be boiling over on to the streets. Rally after rally and at nearly every protest and march you’d be hard pressed not to find a member of G.S.S. amongst the crowd – we were there in Sacramento, Berkeley and even Kentucky over the last year alone. In any city or state and even reaching out overseas, it’s safe to say that G.S.S. is at the front lines of our struggle! Our mission statement is simple and pure: we are legal activists that uphold the values of the fourteen words and our voices will not be silenced. “We will secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

While current trends persuade for so many to become alt-right we ourselves respectfully remain all the way right! No compromises will be made on our principals and we will continue to face against those who would do our people harm; defending not just ourselves and our Folk but our very right to exist and to do so being who we are – White people! We respect and will fight alongside any individual or group making ground in our movement, as long as they continue to stand firm in the basic principals in which our struggle is founded. But to those who choose to compromise and lead themselves into a hollow victory they will find no allegiance from us!

In a few short months we will rally again, as Ethno-Nationalists who stand for the native European people in America. The primary purpose of this event will be in defiance in our ever growing illegal immigrant and refugee problems. The nation our fore fathers fought and died for is being invaded and overrun. Enough is enough! We ask that all Nationalists and legal activists who support our cause join us as we march in the street. Our protest will be conducted peacefully and professionally and our intent is simply for our voices to be heard. We will not be threatened or give in to fear and if any opposition uses violence against us like always, G.S.S. will stand firm and aggressively defend ourselves if needed.




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