European Rise!

12049563_632838523525493_7960448853497292564_nThe realization that the European mind contains far more potential then has ever even been realized will be the moment that our people finally start to change. The current idea that all peoples are basically the same is not only outlandish but rather insulting to all nationalities, yet it seems the goal of those in power to simplify the complexities of life and to dumb down the masses in order to maintain and to spread the power of their current Zionist regime.

Our people have become spiritually sick, physically unfit and morally passive.  Where as once we stood strong, spoke loud and fought the good fight, now we sit in a steady state of decline as our people  are degraded.Our youth ,women and elderly are constantly attacked for nothing more then being white. Our very existence as a people is threatened in plain sight EVERY SINGLE DAY! As a people we choose to not see what is in front of us  and instead believe that those who hate us to the core are somehow fundamentally good,  and thus everything will work out if we just surrender. This is a LIE! The reality is  a overall sense of shame, loss and fear that looms in the air as we do NOTHING!……….

The time is now for change! The time for action was yesterday, is today and will still be tomorrow! Everyday our people face enemies. Whether they be foreign or domestic, we must stand up! We must march forward! And we must not only face our foes but show them the fire that burns within the heart of each and every  European  across the globe!! As an individual you must train! Harder today than yesterday and harder tomorrow than today. Attend rallies, shout your grievances  at protests and be poetically active. Educate yourself and others, be the example and never give a inch to our enemies. Stay legal and free and ready to fight if it shall ever come to be necessary! No matter how alone you may feel, we are united. Our hearts pound as one and our bloodlines connects us!                                                                                                                                                                         


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