18222061_903954266413916_1485826043708583697_nmore information to be updated soon about The new GSS supporters division!!!! p.o box and sign up details available shortly


We here at Golden State Skinheads are happy to announce the creation of our new “Official Supporter” Program deemed ‘Golden-State 45’ for both Male and Female supporters of GSS. As an official supporter of GSS, members will be recognized as Honoured supporters of the Foremost Politically Active organization in the state of California that has remained for years at the forefront of the struggle for the advancement, fight and survival of our Folk! In one of the most undeniably hostile, Liberal environments in the United States of America we at GSS have with selfless, steadfast determination stood against all that has sought to demoralize, demonize, degrade and out right destroy the existence of our Folk and European heritage.
We invite You to join us and stand with GSS in the Fight against the enemy hordes that seek to destroy us, our Race, our culture and all that our forefathers stood for and built!
This once great country now struggles in the throes of turmoil as the very fabric that holds it together is torn, frayed and shredded under the guise of Equality and Diversity, as our borders are over run with illegal immigrants, our streets are filled with Rapeugees from alien countries, hell bent on destroying us and eradicating every bit of our European culture while replacing it with Islamic sharia law and under the rule of a foreign pedophilic god.
If you are ready to take a stand alongside GSS and willing to support those that take this stand with You, then we welcome you!

As an Official Supporter/Member of Kindred 45 you will be required to pay Annual dues in the amount of $45. per year, which will garner the supporter an “Official GSS Supporter/Goldsen-State 45” t-shirt in his or her size along with a special ‘commemorative’ item. As well as ‘VIP’ status as invitees to ALL GSS functions, gatherings and rallies held within the state of California. As an “official supporter” members are expected to attend all GSS sanctioned events, when and if individual schedules permitting and within reason. Official Supporters are expected to uphold the same core values and guidelines as Fully Patched GSS Members and Probates. There is an absolute Zero Tolerance Drug policy within GSS and its Supporter divisions. Though GSS does not have Female members, they are none the less just as important to us as their male counterparts and play an invaluable role in the structure and foundation of our struggle and cause. Males within the Official Supporter Division have the ability to be considered and evaluated for possible promotion to ‘Probate’ status within GSS membership if, or when it is decided on either their part and with the support of a patched member, or that of a Full Patch Member extending an invitation, after having been a part of the supporter division for some time.
We invite you, one and all within our Folk that share the same hopes, visions, dreams and determination as us here in GSS to join us! Take your place amongst the few with courage enough to take a stand against these tyrannical forces that seek to destroy us, come, fight amongst and alongside these tested, tried and true few, that are the Golden State Skinheads!
HAIL Golden-State 45!