rick 2Rick Edelen 12/9/78-4/12/08

There are no words to express the loss that the world and his family experienced the day Rick passed. He was taken too soon like all solid, honorable and respected white men are. His wife Shannon, their 2 daughters and close friend were in an accident, Rick was the only one who didn’t survive. Rick left behind a wife, Shannon, who adored him and 2 beautiful little girls, Brenneka and Novalee, who thought he was the most amazing creation of a man and a daddy. As well as family and friends who were severely affected by the loss of such a great man.

Rick was GSS; Golden State Skinheads, as well as part of other White Nationalist Orgs. He truly cherished his GSS brothers. He also prided himself on being a Working Class Skinhead, who took care of his family in every way a man should. He worked his hands to the bone in the oilfields, and his off time was involved with any and every Pro-White activism he could, stood up for injustices to his race and nation. Rallies, networking, and family. It was impossible to dislike this man, he was, and still is, a Skinhead to look up to and admire.HAIL Rick! Always loved and NEVER forgotten!rick

rick 3