Blood & Honour American Division:

An Introduction


The following is a brief offering of general information concerning Blood & Honour, its history, its purpose, its platform, and its future.  Should this fail to satisfactorily answer your questions, we encourage you to contact Blood & Honour American Division via email at

 Thank you for your time and interest.  828! 




What is Blood & Honour?


Plainly stated, Blood & Honour is the independent voice of White nationalism and is the world’s foremost proponent of the RAC music genre (“Rock Against Communism”).  Functionally, it is an international association and network of organizations, bands, and independent individuals with divisions in nearly every country in the world in which Whites may be found in significant numbers.  It is the figurative table at which all White nationalists may gather in the spirit of brotherhood and racial unity to coordinate efforts on sociopolitical activism, to share in celebration, to provide mutual aid, and to communicate on matters concerning our Folk around the world.  ***In the United States, the one and only official and internationally recognized Blood & Honour charter is Blood & Honour American Division, which was sanctioned by Blood & Honour Worldwide by way of B&H UK in 2005.  Do not be taken in and misled by the fraudulent entities who illegitimately usurp the Blood & Honour name for financial gain.



Is Blood & Honour a hate group?


No, it is not.  The promotion or celebration of racial hatred or violence is not the objective of Blood & Honour.



What is the purpose of Blood & Honour?


Blood & Honour fills many roles and serves many purposes within the White nationalist movement today, but chief among them is to serve as a networking tool and to foster unity within the global movement so that communication may be had and cooperative efforts may be made to advance the shared interests of White patriots around the world.  Blood & Honour is also actively involved in the production and distribution of White cultural material, to include nationalist music and a variety of literature.  In keeping with its initial purpose, Blood & Honour also seeks to prevent profiteering by unscrupulous groups and individuals within the nationalist movement who would seek to capitalize on the earnest efforts of a people fighting for their right to exist.  Ultimately, it is the purpose of Blood & Honour to further the interests of our Folk and the global effort to preserve our race and communities through communication, unity, and cooperation.



When and why was Blood & Honour started?


Blood & Honour was started in London, England by Ian Stuart Donaldson, lead singer of the pioneering RAC band Skrewdriver, in 1987.  At its inception it was formed to serve as an umbrella association for various RAC bands that were being exploited for financial gain by profiteering politicians who saw the thriving nationalist music scene as a passing trend to be capitalized on.  Ian Stuart Donaldson and Blood & Honour ended this practice by uniting the scene, providing a collective voice for its constituents, and creating a self-determinate body that would gradually evolve into a global phenomenon with influence that would reach far beyond local skinhead shows and a London music scene.



What sort of activities does Blood & Honour host or promote?


Blood & Honour activities are varied and diverse.  The following is a brief offering of examples of common localized section activities: socials and barbeques that are open to the public, memorial gatherings to honor the martyrs of our cause, fund raisers to assist POWs and White families who have fallen on hard times, concerts hosting White nationalist bands and speakers, flier drives to offer alternative news on social matters or to support the campaigns of candidates for political office whose agendas parallel our interests, and public demonstrations to bring attention to matters of importance concerning our communities.



Can anyone participate in Blood & Honour?


Blood & Honour participation is open to any and all drug-free White nationalists of good character and honorable conduct who wish to take an active role in the fight to preserve our great race and nation.  Participation is denied only to those who actively aid the agitating opponents of Blood & Honour who act only as stumbling stones along the path to our racial progress.  As previously stated, Blood & Honour is meant to serve as a unifying force within the White nationalist movement, but unity at any cost is not the mantra of a people who strive for survival and it is not the mantra of Blood & Honour American Division.  Drug users/dealers, sexual deviants, agent provocateurs, malicious gossips, and those who generally demonstrate an inability to conduct themselves with honor and respectability will not be endured.  All others are warmly welcomed.



What is expected of Blood & Honour participants?


Because Blood & Honour is not a closed-membership organization, very little is required of its participants beyond respectable conduct, maintaining contact with one’s section, and simply not lending support to those who oppose Blood & Honour and its efforts.  It is generally expected that if an individual has taken the step of joining a section he/she will participate and contribute to Blood & Honour to the best of his/her ability (i.e., participate in and support his/her section’s activities and those of the division as a whole).  With regard to function attendance, financial contributions, etc, nothing in Blood & Honour is mandatory, unless an individual is acting as a section leader or treasurer.  It is important that it be understood that Blood & Honour participants maintain their independence in their participation.  Pressing demands are not made on one’s time and restrictions are not placed on one’s freedom to hold membership in other organizations.


Why should I join Blood & Honour?


With established divisions in nearly every country in the world in which White people can be found in significant numbers, there exists no greater network of White nationalists than Blood & Honour.  Blood & Honour is one of the most recognizable names and is among the most respected associations in the White nationalist movement worldwide.  Participation brings one into a thriving brotherhood of White patriots who share in the bonding struggle to defend and preserve our race wherever it may be found.  Little to nothing is required in return.  Members of political organizations are not asked to abandon their loyalties or surrender their autonomy, and benefit greatly from additional resources to further their localized efforts.  Independent individuals are welcomed into an international network of like-minded souls who stand and fight for the very same values and convictions.  A lone individual is isolated and comparatively ineffectual.  Blood & Honour is the unified surge for Aryan survival.



How do I get involved in Blood & Honour?


The first step in getting involved is to simply establish contact with either the national council or the established section within your state, if one exists.  Face to face contact should be had with a Blood & Honour representative at some point and you will be put in contact with the section nearest to you.  Develop a rapport between yourself and those of your state section or region, participate and contribute, and you’ll be off and running!  We hope to see you soon and we appreciate your participation.





~Blood & Honour American Division’s National Council