It’s no secret that the modern left-wing way of thinking is ultimately communism; this of course means that their views and motives are polar opposite of ours almost in their entirety. As members of G.S.S., we’ve spent many years fighting the ever-increasing tide of the communist and globalist agendas in the political arena that is destroying our nation at its core. We have made sure to carefully take every step to maintain a consistent legal and professional stance since our first day of inception. As “Skinheads” we have grown accustomed to the law not taking kindly to us and our views and in knowing this we’ve strived to maintain an above average standard of legality; far surpassing the degenerative left-wing opposition who seemingly oppose every active law and are openly encouraged to do so by main stream media and government officials.

After many years of legally permitted protests and rallies I personally believe our actions speak volumes. Not once have we started any violence at any event under our banners – EVER! Not once have we disobeyed law enforcement or failed to comply with rules set by permits and local authorities; albeit when attacked we have defended ourselves when deemed necessary – yet this is every free mans right! On June 26, 2016 at the Sacramento State Capital we held a rally like we had many times before; and like prior events the left-wing terrorist groups threatened to stop us. Upon our arrival to the Capital grounds over 300 homemade weapon welding commies bombarded us with the sole intention of ending our lives. We were a modest group of 17 men that stood together and the aftermath of the attack left a higher number of the opposition injured. We strongly believe we were in the right to defend ourselves and see this entire situation as obvious self defense.  All of this was documented on photo and video via multiple cameras and even the CHP made public statements supporting this.

The fact that the end result of this event was made so public, causing many civilians to sympathize in our plight; we were surprised to find out that from the date of the Sacramento Rally the FBI has been holding a full investigation on our members and organization as a whole. As it has now been over a year since the June Rally and they have proceeded to start arresting members on rally related crimes whilst adding on a vast number of erroneous charges that we can only suspect as being falsified. We feel as if we’re being unjustly persecuted despite being legal activists because of the way the situation unfolded last June. It appears as if they’re eager to conclude this circumstance to appease the public eye and have found a simpler avenue in “crucifying” our members instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

None of us will flee and any who are charged will face all accusations in an open court and do so with pride in knowing our actions have always been legal and justified. We’ll have fund raisers up soon to attain proper lawyers and bail for those that are in need. We will have complete transparency with any and all funds gained for this purpose. Yet ultimately G.S.S. asks that our movement as a whole simply support us in any way that they can.

Hail G.S.S!



16865151_863129717163038_8214551897289177956_n           This past years issues regarding race have been thrusted into the fore front of our societies focus in such a way that hasn’t been seen for generations. Always present yet always ignored by main stream America, the racial issues within our borders seem to be boiling over on to the streets. Rally after rally and at nearly every protest and march you’d be hard pressed not to find a member of G.S.S. amongst the crowd – we were there in Sacramento, Berkeley and even Kentucky over the last year alone. In any city or state and even reaching out overseas, it’s safe to say that G.S.S. is at the front lines of our struggle! Our mission statement is simple and pure: we are legal activists that uphold the values of the fourteen words and our voices will not be silenced. “We will secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

While current trends persuade for so many to become alt-right we ourselves respectfully remain all the way right! No compromises will be made on our principals and we will continue to face against those who would do our people harm; defending not just ourselves and our Folk but our very right to exist and to do so being who we are – White people! We respect and will fight alongside any individual or group making ground in our movement, as long as they continue to stand firm in the basic principals in which our struggle is founded. But to those who choose to compromise and lead themselves into a hollow victory they will find no allegiance from us!

In a few short months we will rally again, as Ethno-Nationalists who stand for the native European people in America. The primary purpose of this event will be in defiance in our ever growing illegal immigrant and refugee problems. The nation our fore fathers fought and died for is being invaded and overrun. Enough is enough! We ask that all Nationalists and legal activists who support our cause join us as we march in the street. Our protest will be conducted peacefully and professionally and our intent is simply for our voices to be heard. We will not be threatened or give in to fear and if any opposition uses violence against us like always, G.S.S. will stand firm and aggressively defend ourselves if needed.





GSS would like to personally thank all of those who attended our 2016 social. This years event unveiled many new ideas, organizations and an overall positive and increasingly unified movement. During the speeches it was announced that GSS will indeed have another patriotic rally in 2017. In the first part of the year our crew will present – to the movement in California – a single non-organizational based banner. A simple flag and slogan that is strictly patriotic in origin in hopes of uniting the different factions within our state to take legal action and march through the streets together as one. In the words of RJM “10,000 hearts, one beat”.

For the women in our struggle, it was announced that there is a new organization on the rise.  Promises to be a place for Nationalist Women to develop their full potential and help in our shared struggle. For any questions or more information please click on the link.

As our family grows, GSS pledges to never surrender and to forever stand in front. We will lead rallies, break through barriers, and unite out folk. We fight for each and every one of you who stem from the European bloodline. It is our sole purpose to secure the ongoing existence of our people and a future where we not only exist, but thrive. So join us – don’t wait until your lack of action has forced our struggle upon your own children. Stand up, stay legal and get involved. Hope to see everyone during our 2017 rally.



Sacramento Spartans

13508983_572717866244242_7222946933730094955_nThe media has dubbed the June 26th rally as: “The Battle of Sacramento” and has labeled us as the “Sacramento Spartans”. When the few choose to stand and fight against the many, it will always strike a cord amongst the masses. I suppose the violent group of counter protesters didn’t take this into consideration before the event last Sunday. By attacking they allowed us more glory then could have ever been won by a simple protest. And best of all they have shown themselves for what they’ve always been – cowards!

We stood against the hordes of violent and confused anti-white masses who numbered 300-400, meanwhile we were little more than 20. The commie scum brought and used weapons yet they were the ones who were taken down. It quickly became obvious that morning that their only intent was to kill us there on the capitol grounds. On instinct, we banded together and defended ourselves and each other. And even though our numbers were small, our impact was massive. The aftermath had them immediately crying the victim and pointing the blame, yet we individually and as a whole flat out refused to press charges and simply walked away with honor – unlike the enemies hordes who have none!

As future events and rallies fall into place, we will maintain our obligation of peaceful, productive and legal political action. As the Antis threats of violence and death towards us seems to only have increased since last Sundays rally, we would like to assure the masses that we are not influenced by threats. And we will never back down. We will have many rallies to come, more often than ever, and always defend ourselves.

Heil GSS, Heil all the Comrades who stand beside us, and Heil the TWP





zzzunplug     The upcoming rally this weekend on the 26th promises to be one to remember, due to the fact many stand to stop us yet we refuse to yield!  Under the Traditional Workers Party banner many Nationalists will unite and take a stand; never will we give away our right to speak and think freely. Although, our enemies have already openly planned to gather and use violence against us, as always we will stand our ground if forced to that point. The truth is that we whites have every right to exist and to do so as white people. Not only do we refuse to give away our culture and morals, but we will stand in defense to protect our peoples identity. Often the opposition is caught as they attack the weaker of our folk by attacking white women and elderly white men with cowardly packs all the while cheering and yelling racial slurs toward their victims – who are our people. Its on every news channel and in every city yet the media down plays it and the majority turn a blind eye. If one truly wishes for equality they will not get it by oppressing my people, we owe you nothing and will defend ourselves viciously if we are attacked.


The purpose of Sundays rally is simple: A peaceful demonstration based on the principle that we, like everyone else has a right to stand and have our voices be heard. The countless threats of violence and attacks on our very lives will not deter us from attempting to achieve our initial goals. We aim to achieve them through legal and political aspirations yet we will not bend if violence is brought upon us. We intend to stand up and stand strong against the relentless waves of injustice. If we must fight we will do so with honor in the hopes that our children will not have to bare the same burdens as us.

Heil GSS and Heil the TWP and Heil to the Gods of our Folk



The June 26th United Stand for Freedom

13045687_1591564247822226_543816632_n    Attention Patriots!! This upcoming June on Sunday the 26th in Sacramento, CA a gathering of Nationalists will merge and stand united under a single banner and for a single purpose! The Traditional Workers Party has become the voice of our people. No other political party holds the views or interests of the Traditional European-American Family in the forefront of their agenda; in this the Traditional Workers Party stands apart. As Euro-Americans our voice has been all but silenced. Our cultures and traditions have been blatantly attacked and degenerated for countless generations at this point. Our borders here in America and all over Europe are constantly under-siege. The global elite have seemingly waged a war upon our people, without allowing us to fight back. The time for resistance is NOW! White people exist! We have the right to exist!! And we have the right to exist as White people!!! No longer will we sit aside and let alien cultures dictate our decline. We stand firm in our values and we do so united. So join us in Sacramento, CA.

On behalf of all GSS, we hope to see everyone there.



European Rise!

12049563_632838523525493_7960448853497292564_nThe realization that the European mind contains far more potential then has ever even been realized will be the moment that our people finally start to change. The current idea that all peoples are basically the same is not only outlandish but rather insulting to all nationalities, yet it seems the goal of those in power to simplify the complexities of life and to dumb down the masses in order to maintain and to spread the power of their current Zionist regime.

Our people have become spiritually sick, physically unfit and morally passive.  Where as once we stood strong, spoke loud and fought the good fight, now we sit in a steady state of decline as our people  are degraded.Our youth ,women and elderly are constantly attacked for nothing more then being white. Our very existence as a people is threatened in plain sight EVERY SINGLE DAY! As a people we choose to not see what is in front of us  and instead believe that those who hate us to the core are somehow fundamentally good,  and thus everything will work out if we just surrender. This is a LIE! The reality is  a overall sense of shame, loss and fear that looms in the air as we do NOTHING!……….

The time is now for change! The time for action was yesterday, is today and will still be tomorrow! Everyday our people face enemies. Whether they be foreign or domestic, we must stand up! We must march forward! And we must not only face our foes but show them the fire that burns within the heart of each and every  European  across the globe!! As an individual you must train! Harder today than yesterday and harder tomorrow than today. Attend rallies, shout your grievances  at protests and be poetically active. Educate yourself and others, be the example and never give a inch to our enemies. Stay legal and free and ready to fight if it shall ever come to be necessary! No matter how alone you may feel, we are united. Our hearts pound as one and our bloodlines connects us!                                                                                                                                                                         



11742978_597438283732184_5498698939976519721_n     “The reality of a peoples existence is made up by the individuals that make up that groups population and their individual choices!”     ( Myers)

Today within our peoples spectrum of choices, never before has the separation between simple right and wrong been so vastly filled will a multitude of inconsistency’s.  The amount of knowledge we as a people are capable of obtaining is greater then at any other point in history yet the amount of knowledge obtained is  nil to none when concerning our  masses. Thus the left fills this void with their propaganda and media lies and in effect blind folds the people as a whole to the truth. Without the truth and without a clear choice our people have become not unlike cattle, the masses led to their own slaughter with no hope of a resistance because they haven’t yet achieved the  knowledge necessary  in order make the choice to resist. As individuals we are  more capable to make change and resist an injustice far faster then that of our greater population but without the momentum and stability of ones own  people ( i.e masses) at their back any action to early by single individuals is not only futile in a revolution scenario but in fact causes far more damage then good and can set a resistance back a great deal of time, possibly years if not decades. Seeing as doing nothing is never an option the question is upon us as a people and as individuals, what do we do!? What “choice” dose one make!? I believe this answer to be  not quite clear, I believe the path to total victory to have  a few possible choices. Three of the most common and logical approaches seem to be, 1….  In the face of global genocide of a people that people must secure an area of its own and defend it and its people, Thus the idea we often hear when people discuss a (white home land). This could include either the pioneer little Europe approach or a secessionist’s  one the goal is the same. 2…. As more and more the Nation we have created turns on its own people we could use political gain to retake our nation and save it from its current path of destruction and bring it back to its once held glory. 3……prepare, unite and wait for the collapse. As any nation that fails to maintain its founding principals is destine to fall. But regardless on the decision   made,  first we must get our people to make the choice to begin with, I truly believe that once white people have made the “choice” to rise up and resist their persecutors at that point we’ve already won and the actual victory is just a matter of time at that point.

As a individual how dose one awaken a people? I believe Truth to be the ultimate weapon in this fight, something so very simple yet something our enemies do not have. The key is getting this truth heard over the media and current world agenda. Also getting our people to look inward at theirwpww

own family’s and to internalize on a personal level that the future of their children and countless generations to come can be directly effected by current events and modern national policy’s. Even for those of us already awakened the time has never been more perfect to look inward and see our own flaws and develop new strengths, make new lasting alliances and ultimately greater strides forward then we have in countless years. I always hear or read that this person or that person (or group of people) are to blame for our peoples current plight, I reject this idea! We are the masters of our own fate! Alien ideas and influence only stop us if we allow it to do so! Its long past time that everyone stops looking around for something to change and change it ourselves!








11539725_597132113762801_2674466036489657846_n  It’s safe to say, not only was this event a huge success of epic proportion but it truly shows how far our movement has come in just the last five years or so…. For the first time in who knows how long multiple crews and organizations throughout  the movement  worked together in order to achieve a single UNIFIED event!! And the turn out was spectacular! The event had political speakers, live music and even some Celtic style games but for me the most amazing part was seeing the overall strength that racial unity brings!

Defeat Never Victory Forever!   (RJM)