The June 26th United Stand for Freedom

13045687_1591564247822226_543816632_n    Attention Patriots!! This upcoming June on Sunday the 26th in Sacramento, CA a gathering of Nationalists will merge and stand united under a single banner and for a single purpose! The Traditional Workers Party has become the voice of our people. No other political party holds the views or interests of the Traditional European-American Family in the forefront of their agenda; in this the Traditional Workers Party stands apart. As Euro-Americans our voice has been all but silenced. Our cultures and traditions have been blatantly attacked and degenerated for countless generations at this point. Our borders here in America and all over Europe are constantly under-siege. The global elite have seemingly waged a war upon our people, without allowing us to fight back. The time for resistance is NOW! White people exist! We have the right to exist!! And we have the right to exist as White people!!! No longer will we sit aside and let alien cultures dictate our decline. We stand firm in our values and we do so united. So join us in Sacramento, CA.

On behalf of all GSS, we hope to see everyone there.



European Rise!

12049563_632838523525493_7960448853497292564_nThe realization that the European mind contains far more potential then has ever even been realized will be the moment that our people finally start to change. The current idea that all peoples are basically the same is not only outlandish but rather insulting to all nationalities, yet it seems the goal of those in power to simplify the complexities of life and to dumb down the masses in order to maintain and to spread the power of their current Zionist regime.

Our people have become spiritually sick, physically unfit and morally passive.  Where as once we stood strong, spoke loud and fought the good fight, now we sit in a steady state of decline as our people  are degraded.Our youth ,women and elderly are constantly attacked for nothing more then being white. Our very existence as a people is threatened in plain sight EVERY SINGLE DAY! As a people we choose to not see what is in front of us  and instead believe that those who hate us to the core are somehow fundamentally good,  and thus everything will work out if we just surrender. This is a LIE! The reality is  a overall sense of shame, loss and fear that looms in the air as we do NOTHING!……….

The time is now for change! The time for action was yesterday, is today and will still be tomorrow! Everyday our people face enemies. Whether they be foreign or domestic, we must stand up! We must march forward! And we must not only face our foes but show them the fire that burns within the heart of each and every  European  across the globe!! As an individual you must train! Harder today than yesterday and harder tomorrow than today. Attend rallies, shout your grievances  at protests and be poetically active. Educate yourself and others, be the example and never give a inch to our enemies. Stay legal and free and ready to fight if it shall ever come to be necessary! No matter how alone you may feel, we are united. Our hearts pound as one and our bloodlines connects us!                                                                                                                                                                         


White Lives Matter!!!!!

On Sunday September 6th, GSS in conjunction with the #White Lives Matter campaign along with other independent Folk distributed hundreds of flyers around the Sacramento, Ca region with little or no resistance or negative feedback from the community, over all the feedback was outstanding!

Our effort is in hopes to reach those of our Folk, young and old alike within our communities to educate all on the realities of today’s decimation of our culture, heritage and race across our lands. And to proclaim loud and proud that White Lives Matter and that it’s not Hate but a Natural Instinct of Survival to have Love and Pride in who & what we are!

Our people are consistantly bombarded with media outcries of injustice and hate perpetuated by Whites against other so called “minority races” which are filled with outright lies and disinformation! The U.S. Department of Justice 2010 National Crime Victimization Survey states that there were 62,593 White on Black crimes reported while there were 320,082 Black on White crimes within the U.S. Showing that in reality Blacks are 6 times more likely to commit ‘racaily motivated’ crimes against Whites! Yet reports by the media are nonexistant when it comes to these facts.

Our hopes are that we may have reached into the recesses of our community and planted that one seed that which will ignite the flame of awareness within.


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11742978_597438283732184_5498698939976519721_n     “The reality of a peoples existence is made up by the individuals that make up that groups population and their individual choices!”     ( Myers)

Today within our peoples spectrum of choices, never before has the separation between simple right and wrong been so vastly filled will a multitude of inconsistency’s.  The amount of knowledge we as a people are capable of obtaining is greater then at any other point in history yet the amount of knowledge obtained is  nil to none when concerning our  masses. Thus the left fills this void with their propaganda and media lies and in effect blind folds the people as a whole to the truth. Without the truth and without a clear choice our people have become not unlike cattle, the masses led to their own slaughter with no hope of a resistance because they haven’t yet achieved the  knowledge necessary  in order make the choice to resist. As individuals we are  more capable to make change and resist an injustice far faster then that of our greater population but without the momentum and stability of ones own  people ( i.e masses) at their back any action to early by single individuals is not only futile in a revolution scenario but in fact causes far more damage then good and can set a resistance back a great deal of time, possibly years if not decades. Seeing as doing nothing is never an option the question is upon us as a people and as individuals, what do we do!? What “choice” dose one make!? I believe this answer to be  not quite clear, I believe the path to total victory to have  a few possible choices. Three of the most common and logical approaches seem to be, 1….  In the face of global genocide of a people that people must secure an area of its own and defend it and its people, Thus the idea we often hear when people discuss a (white home land). This could include either the pioneer little Europe approach or a secessionist’s  one the goal is the same. 2…. As more and more the Nation we have created turns on its own people we could use political gain to retake our nation and save it from its current path of destruction and bring it back to its once held glory. 3……prepare, unite and wait for the collapse. As any nation that fails to maintain its founding principals is destine to fall. But regardless on the decision   made,  first we must get our people to make the choice to begin with, I truly believe that once white people have made the “choice” to rise up and resist their persecutors at that point we’ve already won and the actual victory is just a matter of time at that point.

As a individual how dose one awaken a people? I believe Truth to be the ultimate weapon in this fight, something so very simple yet something our enemies do not have. The key is getting this truth heard over the media and current world agenda. Also getting our people to look inward at theirwpww

own family’s and to internalize on a personal level that the future of their children and countless generations to come can be directly effected by current events and modern national policy’s. Even for those of us already awakened the time has never been more perfect to look inward and see our own flaws and develop new strengths, make new lasting alliances and ultimately greater strides forward then we have in countless years. I always hear or read that this person or that person (or group of people) are to blame for our peoples current plight, I reject this idea! We are the masters of our own fate! Alien ideas and influence only stop us if we allow it to do so! Its long past time that everyone stops looking around for something to change and change it ourselves!








11539725_597132113762801_2674466036489657846_n  It’s safe to say, not only was this event a huge success of epic proportion but it truly shows how far our movement has come in just the last five years or so…. For the first time in who knows how long multiple crews and organizations throughout  the movement  worked together in order to achieve a single UNIFIED event!! And the turn out was spectacular! The event had political speakers, live music and even some Celtic style games but for me the most amazing part was seeing the overall strength that racial unity brings!

Defeat Never Victory Forever!   (RJM)








11134401_1427488544229798_1794497935_n “The White Nationalist Movement” Simply put… White people exist, White people have the right to exist and white people have the right to exist as white people!

This statement seems to be one that would be self evident yet so many fail to grasp the logic. As for our enemies? I care not, and I will not waste my time trying to get them to understand basic truths. The reality is that our enemies are only a threat for as long as we allow them to be so. The only hurdle our people truly face is waking up our masses to the call of self preservation in the face of a society growing more and more sick with each passing day. Every tool needed has been provided within the framework of this Nation. The worst thing that an awake individual can do is buy into the lie that they are helpless to make a difference . We must only learn to weald the weapons being used against us in order to turn the tides.

Amongst the propaganda  all we are allowed  to see is seemingly overwhelming support for our oppositions agenda, but the truth is far  different, not only are our people waking up but  they are becoming more and more aware of the lies being spoon fed to them. In our struggle we have a few advantages, Truth being one  of them! As whites are aloud to be victimized by this modern society our people take notice, and as whites who fight back are persecuted and vilified our people take notice, even still as white culture and values are systematically targeted and erased our people take notice! It is upon us to show them that they have a voice and if we are courageous and if we are successful in our ventures not only will our people take notice but they will take a stand and they will fight!

A defeatist mentality  has no place amongst our ranks! Any individual who identifies as part of this struggle has a duty to ones self and to their people that requires of them full and total commitment toward victory. I realize the burden is great and thus so must the men and women be who take up such a cause, the very future of your grandchildren depend on you and individual’s just like you to never falter and never slacken in your duty’s! Dedication is worth more then numbers! Studies have shown that population trends are dictated by no more then 10 percent of the population, “ONLY 10 PERCENT!!” Such numbers are not only possible to reach and effect, they are in fact a goal that is in all reality practical and thus achievable!

As everyone waits for change we must keep in mind that it is the  individual who enacts change and the individual  whose personal passion for their belief’s sparks a fire within the hearts of the masses! Each of us and all of us carry the weight of what will be on our shoulders, It is the duties of each of us to strive harder and sacrifice more of ourselves, no matter what anyone else is doing we must each personaly take on this struggle as if it is ours and ours  alone and only then when enough of us do this will our united efforts become a actual (movement)

“These are my personal views, this struggle is something myself and many hold dear, yet it seems to me at least few understand the scope of what is at stake, I simply ask you the reader to ponder what is victory worth when its our children’s future that hangs in the balance and what are you doing to assure we win?”  written by;  Loyal servant to our folk  MYERS    GSS



11070662_1420964208215565_4514342911523942759_nmarch 21rst G.S.S. and N.Y.F. (while many comrades over the world were doing the same) decided to work together to attempt to bring racial awareness to certain parts of the bay area by handing fliers at local colleges, holding such signs as the ones in the picture below over multiple free way ramps…with surprisingly great feed back. At exactly 3 p.m. Pacific time a plane took off with the banner trailing behind it with the message “V.P. Bob Whitaker # WHITEGENOCIDE” Over a designated rout throughout the bay area including over the city of San Francisco which was brought to us by our friends from the A.F.P. after 11 hours of activism all over the Bay Area I am hoping that our message was received by the locals…. it only takes one person an that person can awaken another.. an on going torch lighting that will bare an pass a flame which will never die.








GSS Social

11059452_540115379464475_1215510235407467103_n   March 7th GSS social was a successful and productive event!

GSS would like to thank guest speaker chairman Bill Johnson of The American Freedom Party, as well as  the other speaker whom we will not name due to his political aspirations. But most of all GSS would like to thank each and every individual that came out and showed their support, only with unity can we ever hope to achieve our goals!

As our nation continues to spiral into disaster it is our duty to try and stand up and defend our nation. Many individuals have opinions on the best way to do this but few do anything at all…… My hope is that with political gain and real world victory’s  our people can truly understand that victory is not only possible but is most definitely attainable if we only put in the effort. Make no mistake about it kinsmen nothing is going to be handed to us, our enemies  are doing all in their power to destroy all that we hold dear, The burden is upon our shoulders and our shoulders alone if we do nothing all is lost…. Fight back , get politically active and join the resistance !

.                                                                                   HAIL GSS





10702105_500202416789105_5082217332475376047_nAs the primal urge to connect with ones people takes hold, modern society and all its lies are left speechless. They push upon our people a sick and degenerative way of life with little to no moral conduct. When their corruption is exposed they do not seem to know the meaning of accountability instead working class white America is left to suffer and becomes the scape goat as the finger is so often pointed at us or at the actions of our ancestors,  This problem is not unique to our Nation it has become a epidemic across all of Europa. Obviously our people have been targeted on a global scale.Throughout history our Race has been that of utter greatness beyond compare. It is held within our very blood the spark that lets us create Nations at will and conquer all enemy’s thrown in our path. As long as we exist as a people we shall be ever connected and always driven toward victory!